Singing Songs No One Hears: Ethan Gutmann’s New Year’s Greetings to the Chinese People

While she was in prison, a thought kept running through her mind: will the world ever know what happened here?

By , Epoch Times | February 18, 2015

Young women dressed in traditional Chinese gowns walk in the Lunar New Year Parade in Flushing, New York, on Feb. 8, 2014. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

In my mind, Chinese New Year usually announces its presence through a long-forgotten song. The first notes–often something I accidentally hear on the street–acts as an emotional tripwire. Just for a moment, strangers are transformed into fellow passengers on a breathtaking journey. So I know of no better way to express my New Years greetings to Chinese people across the world than to tell a story about people singing together in extremely difficult circumstances. The following account was told to me in Bangkok, by five religious refugees from China:

The doors to the caged balcony of Heizuizi Female Prison had not been opened for a year, but an irresistible, almost itchy feeling was sweeping through the cellblocks as a warm afternoon wind blew in after the heavy snows of 2004. The guards checked their watches, unlocked the massive steel gates, and threw them open. Streaks of sunlight illuminated the concrete floors and all the prisoners from seven cells stepped out at the same time. For a change, everyone was together: All the religious prisoners, many with the scars of electrocution on their faces, side by side with the hardened criminals–drug addicts and prostitutes in the main–who served as the daily masters of routine punishment.

Everyone remembers how quiet it was. Everyone just breathing the air as if one could drink in traces of oceans and steppes and the Himalayas. Beyond the cell blocks and guard towers, vast clouds were tumbling across the horizon, and even patches of grass and tiny white flowers seemed to be waving toward the heavens.

Spontaneously, softly at first, a young religious prisoner began to sing a spiritual hymn in a spacious falsetto. Normally the hardened criminals would stop her and make her assume the airplane position for such an infraction. Yet looking out at a world they could not attain, the criminals stood reflectively listening as the religious prisoners in the other cells began to sing along. And as they reached the chorus, the young religious prisoner’s voice swelled and trilled …

“Coming from far away, again and again, I come for you, I come for you…”

…and the hardened criminals joined in. Tentatively at first, then loudly, with great spirit. And as the chorus drew near again…

“…I come with love for you.”

…they began crying. Then everyone was. Across seven cells.

Then the guards said, “Okay, okay, get back inside.” And everyone did. And the guards locked the steel gates and never opened them again.

Jing Tian is on the far left, Ethan Gutmman center. (courtesy Ethan Gutmann) Jing Tian is on the far left, Ethan Gutmman center. (courtesy Ethan Gutmann)

I saw one of the women who told me that story quite recently. Jing Tian lives in Vancouver with her husband (who had also been incarcerated for his beliefs). Instead of dwelling on the past, we celebrated in a hot, crowded, and noisy hotpot restaurant where we ate endless plates of lamb and told jokes until my stomach hurt. But Jing said one serious thing that stuck with me. While she was in prison, a thought kept running through her mind: will the world ever know what happened here?

Those who sing songs that no one can hear will justifiably ask that question. Yet Jing is not full of bitterness. Jing is full of hope. As the women in those seven cells were, if only for a moment. So let us pause, from our steaming hot pot, our jokes, our politics, and our differences, and let us hear their song, and reaffirm, if only for a moment, that faced with the promise of Spring, perhaps we are not strangers at all.

Ethan Gutmann is the author of “The Slaughter,” currently available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Random House.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Epoch Times.


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Military hospitals have been the main location for forced organ harvesting

《转法轮》首发20周年 法轮大法洪传世界













客户经理Cary Dunst:〝我想把〝真善忍〞带入我的日常生活,这看似简单,实际上充满挑战。但如果你真的努力去做了,你周围的人都会看见你的改变。你变得更开朗了,整个人的笑容都变多了。〞




国会议员Stephen Woodworth: 〝在我心目中为法轮大法学员留有一个特殊的位置,我发现你们所遵循是人类文明的最高境界。〞


加拿大国会议员Rob ANDERS:〝真正值得敬佩的是被强权压制的,那些在劳教所里受迫害的,那些被酷刑折磨的人,他们是真正的英雄。谢谢你们的坚韧。〞





[VIDEO] 连环画音像片:评江泽民与中共相互利用迫害法轮功

5 Reasons Why Buying ‘Made in China’ Is Actually Bad for You


By buying artificially cheap imports we are closing down factories, increasing unemployment, and owing trillions of dollars to a dictatorial Chinese regime. It’s really hard not to buy Made in China, and so many products don’t even list where they are made, but I’m sure that after reading this, you will be asking questions and choosing wisely where you spend your money.

5. Made in China Rip-Offs

The Chinese Regime hires cyber hackers to steal intellectual property from major global brands, and with that information makes low quality rip-offs. It also offers illegal export subsidies to foreign companies, to lure them to set up production in China. All this is bad for you, because it kills the local economy, and takes jobs away from you, your friends, and family.

4. Made in China Food Scandals

The Chinese Regime seems to give little attention to health and safety. Every year the Chinese population suffers food poisoning from fake and toxic food products — like baby milk, exploding watermelons, toxic Tilapia fish, or apple juice laced with poisonous arsenic. But did you know that 50% of imported products in the US come from China? China’s rivers, land and air are one of the most polluted in the world. So would you risk your health by drinking apple juice made in China? Read the labels and buy local non-GMO produce instead.

3. Slave Labor

Have you ever wondered why Made in China products are so cheap? As we all know, the majority of the population in China works long hours, often 7 days a week, and for little money. But you may not know that slave labor is big business in China. Millions of prisoners are forced to work for no pay, in dismal conditions, and often for as long as 20 hours a day. Could you sleep well at night after knowing that your Made in China product is actually costing someone else’s suffering?

2. Propaganda

The money made from slave labor and state-run factories is pumping the Chinese Regime’s propaganda machine. There is no independent media in China, and freedom of expression is not allowed. Once in China, tourists not only discover The Great Wall of China, but also the biggest “Internet Firewall” in the world. Basically, the Chinese regime decides which internet pages are allowed to be seen within China, and all your social media and internet activities are watched by cyber spies.

1. Made in China Human Organ Harvesting

There is a covert genocide going on right now in China. According to investigative reports, thousands of prisoners of conscience, especially Falun Gong meditators, are being killed for their organs. It sounds like a horror movie but it is happening right now in hundreds of hospitals in China. When a prisoner is a good match for a patient, that prisoner is taken to a hospital and operated on whilst still alive, as the Chinese doctors believe the transplant will have a higher success rate. It is truly gruesome.

Read this article from David Kilgour, co-author of Bloody Harvest: A History of Organ Pillaging

So when you buy Made in China products you are supporting a dictatorship that kills its own people. Is it really worth the few dollars you save?

 How you can Help FREE CHINA

You can help to free China by watching this short introduction film below, and share it with your friends. On the 23rd of January, World Freedom Day in Taiwan, the award-winning documentary “Free China” will be broadcast for free into China, overcoming state censorship, and breaking down the Great Internet Firewall. Their goal is to have at least 1 million Chinese watch the documentary.

As I understand it, helping to free China means safeguarding freedom for us all.

From –

New Taipei Mayor Tells Police Chief to Protect Falun Gong or Lose Job

By Larry Ong, Epoch Times | December 25, 2014

 Taipei mayor Dr. Ko Wen-je (center, red tie) surrounded by reporters on his first day in office on Dec. 25, 2014. (CNA News)

On his first day as Taipei mayor, Dr. Ko Wen-je promises to take action against the city’s police chief if his men fail to uphold the law again.

While walking to Taipei’s city council on the afternoon of Dec. 25, Dr. Ko turned to Xinyi Precinct Taipei City Police Department chief Lee De-wei, who was accompanying him, and said sternly: “If Falun Gong practitioners are assaulted again, I will replace you.”

Taipei police have come under scrutiny recently for turning a blind eye towards a violent pro-Beijing group that targets Falun Gong, a peaceful spiritual practice that has been persecuted in mainland China since 1999.

Since 2009, Falun Gong adherents in Taiwan have positioned themselves outside the iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper, offering mainland tourists materials exposing the Chinese regime’s crimes against Falun Gong.

The Chinese Communist Party has backed several overseas groups to carry out their attacks against Falun Gong beyond China’s borders. In Taiwan, the Concentric Patriotism Association of ROC (“ROC” is an acronym for the Republic of China, Taiwan’s official name) is one such group. It has links to the Communist Party’s United Front Work Department, which handles some of the regime’s overseas agitation and infiltration activities.

In September this year, the Patriotism Association verbally abused and used flagpoles to attack Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners at Taipei 101. Taipei police were unusually restrained in handling the affair, failing to make on-the-spot arrests or closely monitor the Patriotism Association even when there has been ample video evidence of their abuses and violence.

While campaigning to be Taipei’s mayor, Dr. Ko promised that if he takes office, he would personally speak to the Taipei police chief about having him replaced if the Patriotism Association persist in their mischief, and especially if videos started circulating on Youtube.

On Thursday, with Dr. Ko was barely appointed mayor for one day, he fulfilled his election promise by cautioning Lee De-wei.

Chang Ching-hua, director of the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association, welcomes Dr. Ko’s stance and affirmation that the Taipei government is serious about dealing with the Patriotism Association issue.

“We support the police protecting freedom of speech, the rule of law, and peaceful expressions of freedom,” said Chang. 


台北新市长:如再有法轮功的人被打 就撤换警察分局长






是非善恶立场分明 民众支持叫好





感佩法轮功修炼者的风范 中学教师表心声


新北市某国中退休教师郑女士说:“早知道他们(爱国同心会)的过分行为,(市政府)本来就应该要这样(处置)才对。” 郑女士说:“台湾是个有人权、有自由的地方,每个人的见解可以不同,但无论如何,你去恶意骚乱甚至打人,那就应该必须严办,噪音也应该要取缔才对。”














From –

[VIDEO] 连环画音像片:评江泽民与中共相互利用迫害法轮功

Polish MP: Art Exhibition Lets World See Injustices, Brutality of Communism in China (Photos)

December 22, 2014 | By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Poland

( The Art of Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truth, Compassion, Tolerance) International Exhibition returned to Warsaw, Poland from November 28 to December 13, 2014.

Polish Member of Parliament, economist, and former Mayor of Warsaw Mr. Marcin Święcicki spoke at the exhibition’s opening ceremony, which was jointly hosted by the Association of Free Speech and the Falun Dafa Association.

He said the exhibition enabled the world to see the injustices and brutality of communism in China, and allowed people to experience the principles of Falun Gong: Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.

The paintings about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in particular demonstrated that people living in communist China do long for freedom and peace, he said. He asked the people in the audience to remember the price Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe paid under communist rule before finally regaining their freedom.

Member of Parliament and former Mayor of Warsaw Mr. Marcin Święcicki speaks at the opening ceremony.

Święcicki said the international community seemed to have forgotten that communism still exists in the world. China, despite its terrible human rights record, was able to host the Olympics, and is doing business with almost every country in the world.

“We are not free when people are still treated like slaves [by their government] and brutally persecuted,” Święcicki said.

Mr. Huang, a representative from the Falun Dafa Association, introduced each painting to the visitors.

Visitors comment in the guest book.

Mr. Adam Borowski, a Polish Democrat and activist, wrote in the exhibition guest book, “My sincere respect to this special exhibition that illustrated a strong spiritual power and strength.”

孟加拉国公园里 有缘人喜遇法轮功(图)


图1-2:在孟加拉国首都达卡的Dhanmondi lake park公园内免费教授法轮功

图3:孟加拉国首都达卡Ramna Park里的小亭子成了临时的法轮功炼功点
图4:新学员Jahid(左),Anwar(中)和老罗(右)弘法结束后在Ramna Park公园内合影留念

老罗一开始是在住处附近的小公园( Dhanmondi lake park)炼功,将从澳洲带来的资料复印后分发给有缘人。Jahid是位刚走出大学校门的年轻人,今年年初在小公园内通过老罗开始了解和学炼法轮功。Jahid帮助将一段大法简介翻译成当地文字,方便当地人了解法轮功。


Jahid听说后从网上下载了图片,帮忙赶制了二个介绍法轮大法的挂图,复印了一百多份传单。费用超出了老罗提前给Jahid用于准备资料的钱,当老罗要把钱补给Jahid时,Jahid坚持自己付一小部份,并说:“法轮大法不仅是为了你,也是为了我。我喜欢法轮大法。(Falun Dafa is not only for you; Falun Dafa is also for me. I like Falun Dafa.)”

二零一四年十一月七日,Jahid和Anwar一大早陪着老罗来到了Ramna Park介绍法轮功。很快,带去的大法传单就全发完了,晨练的小亭子成了临时的炼功点。机缘凑巧,老罗遇到了一位能说中文的孟加拉人。他给自己取的中文名字叫沙欣。沙欣在为一家法国公司在中国工作期间学会了说中文。他告诉老罗自己在青岛时,看到了警察是怎么对待法轮功修炼人的,知道这是一场迫害。沙欣收下传单,说是要好好了解一下真相。


From –

[VIDEO] 连环画音像片:评江泽民与中共相互利用迫害法轮功

“Joyfully Climbing Heaven’s Ladder” by Wang Jing, China

Strength in Faith

Wang’s “Joyfully Climbing Heaven’s Ladder” portrays a young Chinese woman clutching to her chest “Zhuan Falun,” the book of teachings at the core of the spiritual practice Falun Dafa. She seems to be able to see straight to heaven, and paradises open up before her.

Wang has been practicing Falun Dafa since 1995.

“I wanted to portray a cultivator’s state of mind when reading this book,” she said. “You discover that it explains the universal law, how to be a good person, and the origin of humanity. I wanted to express that compassionate energy that surrounds you when you practice, that joy and gratitude that as a cultivator you feel in every cell of your being.”

Since Falun Dafa came under fire from the Chinese Communist Party in 1999, its practitioners in China continue to hold on to their faith and spread the word, not only about the regime’s brutal persecution, but also about the practice’s spiritual and health benefits.

“They still spread the wonder of Dafa despite personal danger,” Wang said. “What prompts them? They truly feel it in their hearts.”