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The Joy of Practicing Falun Gong: from Being Ill to Winning Prizes in Athletic Competitions

Falun Gong has enlightened me to the joy of being a good person. I’m so thankful for that.

September 15, 2014 | By a Falun Gong practitioner in Shandong Province

(Minghui.org) I worked for a large state-owned enterprise and operated my own small transportation business on the side. Those in the transportation business in China all know that it is a tough industry. As a result, I developed long-term insomnia, which later developed into stomach problems.

In my business, one has to deal with strong competition, thin profit margins and putting out fires day in and day out: cars broke down, drivers got into accidents and we were often at the mercy of the traffic police. There were few calm days in any given month.

Holidays were the worst times for me. Trying to survive on a razor-thin profit margin, I had to bribe the traffic cops and highway officials to avoid hassles. I was most worried in the evenings, and tensed up as soon as the phone rang. Whenever the traffic police called me, it meant trouble.

As time went on, my sleep quality got worse and worse, and I began to suffer from nervous exhaustion. I was tired during the day, and could not fall asleep at night. Tossing and turning in bed every night was a miserable experience!

I took all sorts of medicines but they were not of much help. Eventually I came to rely on sleeping pills. The dosage became heavier and heavier, and gradually the medications damaged my stomach.

In the spring of 1998, a good friend invited me over to his home to watch a Falun Gong DVD. My mind suddenly became very clear while watching the video, and all my worries disappeared. My whole body felt wonderful. Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, appeared familiar and very friendly. I have been practicing Falun Gong since then.

My illnesses all disappeared gradually, without my really noticing. I have not had to take another sleeping pill in the past ten years. I experienced how an entirely healthy person feels and I even looked younger. People thought I was the younger one when I stood next to my younger brother.

My current company holds sports events each year. I have been able to land prizes in the sports I participate in. I have become a good athlete!

Work Ethic Improved

The founder of Falun Gong tells us that we need to do well wherever we are. I learned that we need to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in our daily life.

I returned items that I had taken from the company. A car mat that I took from the company was very torn already. I bought a new one and returned that one.

Once, I returned to work after a 20-day vacation. The manager told me that he knew that I was back the first day I returned, because the restroom was clean again, and he knew it must be because of me.

I once worked in the security department of our company. I treated average employees and managers the same when I reinforced the regulations. One one occasion, the CEO drove in the wrong direction on a one-way on the factory campus. The location was at a blind spot at a turn, and accidents had occurred there a few times before.

I politely told him the mistake he made. He replied with a smile and said that he would not repeat it next time.

At the year’s end, the CEO requested that our department nominate me as a model worker. The company awarded me 1,500 yuan and a seven-day vacation in Dalian, a city with nice beaches. After this, my colleagues who didn’t understand my practicing Falun Gong or even scolded me became supportive.

Falun Gong has enlightened me to the joy of being a good person. I’m so thankful for that.

唐山“缇萦”救父被绑架 身陷囹圄






卞晓晖与妈妈周秀珍为了营救家人,不断奔走呼吁,向社会揭露石家庄监狱对卞丽潮的迫害。二零一四年三月三日,母女到石家庄监狱探望卞丽潮,又遭到监狱拒绝。周秀珍被气的进了急诊室,母女俩晚上一直在监狱。三月四日早晨,卞晓晖一人在监狱门前打横 幅,伸冤。











中共黑手制造“大案” 卞丽潮被绑架判重刑命危

2012年初,中共国安、国保机构通过监控手段,得知有法轮功学员从事光盘盒生意,于是将此事策划、运作成一件迫害法轮功的“大案“、“要案”。2012 年2月25日早晨,河北、辽宁、山东等十几个市、县的所有国保、“610”派出所警察,按照通讯监听查获的法轮功学员名单,统一行动,同时绑架了100多 人。


家 人为卞丽潮请了律师。2012年7月26日,唐山市中级法院庭审卞丽潮,卞丽潮及其辩护律师均以铁的事实,有理有据的逐一驳回了公诉人的所谓指控。而且公 诉方提供不出任何证物。然而,名叫王健的“法官”竟然在卞丽潮与律师讲述事实进行辩护时,二十余次当庭打断他们,试图强行混淆视听,此人甚至公然威胁律 师:“你在为谁辩护?!”最终,法院对卞丽潮非法判了长达十二年的重刑,将他劫持到保定监狱关押。









From – http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2014/9/12/297641.html



Minghui Summer Camp, a Compassionate Environment for Youth in France

September 12, 2014 | By a Minghui correspondent in France

(Minghui.org) A Minghui School Summer Camp was held in Hauteville, a seaside town on the coast of Normandy, France, from August 10 to 24, 2014. The camp was in its second year, and the young practitioners enjoyed a memorable and productive summer, participating in group exercises, reading Falun Gong books, and taking part in many outdoor activities.

Group photo of the 2014 Minghui School Summer Camp in France

Tourists Attracted to Group Exercises

Hauteville is a popular tourist resort in Normandy in the northwest of France, near the English Channel. On the first day the director of the camp center welcomed the young practitioners and encouraged them to do the Falun Gong exercises on the lawn every morning.

Group morning exercises outside the camp center

Many tourists stopped to watch the young practitioners exercise each morning. Two young girls who were interested learned all five exercises on the first day. One lady was able to immediately sit in the full lotus position when she tried the sitting meditation. Patrick, a French practitioner who started practicing three years ago, volunteered to demonstrate the exercises. One morning 25 people came to learn.

Two girls learning the exercises for the first time

Reading Books and Sharing Understandings

The young Minghui campers read Falun Gong books every evening. Despite their age differences, they read attentively. Some of the older children helped the younger ones with pronunciation. They also read some experience-sharing articles from young practitioners in China, as well as ancient Chinese legends, which they found insightful and educational.

During group discussions, the children talked about how to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in their daily lives, what cultivation means, and how to do well in sending forth righteous thoughts.

Although they were so young, the Minghui campers spoke from their hearts. Daniel said, “I used to think that as a young child my righteous thoughts were weaker than those of an adult. I now know that righteous thoughts from Dafa disciples, regardless of their age, are equally powerful.”

Young practitioners learned to read Hong Yin and sing songs composed by practitioners.

Reviewing their progress in the second week, camper Junyi said, “I have participated in many activities at my school. If we had a problem we wouldn’t speak to each other anymore. But when we run into problems here, we are considerate of each other and look within. In the end, each of us apologizes. What touches me the most is the compassionate environment of this group.”

Vanessa, another Minghui camper, said, “I never thought we would be able to do so many things in one day.”

Cultural Activities

In addition to reading Falun Gong books and doing the exercises, the campers also attended cultural events suited to their age group. They learned about China and classical Chinese dance. They studied Hong Yin, sang songs composed by Falun Gong practitioners, and drew pictures. By watching cartoons of Journey to the West, the young campers learned more about this famous novel, which is part of traditional Chinese culture. The young French campers, who could not speak Chinese, were able to use pinyin to recite two poems from Hong Yin and sing Chinese songs.

The young practitioners also went to a picnic, made a campfire, had a scavenger hunt, played soccer, tried rock climbing and horseback riding, and role played telling people about Falun Gong.

Four adult female practitioners performed classical Chinese dance at the camp center on the evening of August 13. About 150 people attended and liked the performance and the traditional costumes very much. Each audience member received a hand-made lotus flower made of glittery paper that practitioners had prepared for the event. Impressed by the exercise demonstration they saw that evening, many audience members came to the group exercise site the next morning to learn more.

An elementary school teacher named Laila prepared a scavenger hunt for the Minghui campers in the sand dunes on August 15. Another lady named Rémi arrived on horseback and gave the campers hints on the whereabouts of the hidden items. Laila told the young campers, “You are one group. You have to work well with each other to be successful.” In the end, the young practitioners cooperated well and found the hidden treasure.

Laila, an elementary school teacher, takes Minghui campers on a scavenger hunt.

Classical Chinese Dance

Each day a dance teacher gave the Mingui campers a lesson in classical Chinese dance that sometimes lasted up to 2 hours. Despite the sometimes complicated and challenging techniques, the campers enjoyed it very much. Even five-year-old Apolline was able to make it through each session.

Classical Chinese dance lessons at Minghui School Summer Camp.

At the end of camp, the young practitioners gave a performance about what they had learned. The concert included classical Chinese dance, drawing, reciting poems from Hong Yin, singing songs, and an erhu solo. The children’s parents and other children at the camp applauded the young performers with enthusiasm.

As they left the camp, the young practitioners said goodbye to each other and to their counselors. One of the children said, “We liked it so much. When will we have it next year?”








图2: 络绎不绝的游客挤满青龙步道,法轮功的真相展板吸引人们驻足观看。




看过很多医生;也找过少林寺出来的气功师整椎,人家介绍哪个医生有用,就找去;也练了几种气功,虽有缓解,但压迫神经的疼痛仍然没有解决。 “病情反反复复,很痛苦,我对人生很悲观,不奢望别的,只想活到五十岁,看到孩子长大就够了。”灰暗的日子,看不到未来的人生,玉尾对这样的生命并不留恋。










From – http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2014/8/27/296451.html



Mr. Li Chunzheng Died the Day After His Release (Graphic Photo)

September 10, 2014 | By a Minghui corespondent from Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) Mr. Li Chunzheng died on August 31, 2014, a day after he was released. Local authorities demanded that his body be cremated within three days.

Mr. Li’s family received a call on August 30, 2014, regarding signing the paperwork for medical parole. As they arrived at Jinshan Hospital, a hospital affiliated with the public security system, they were allowed to see Mr. Li only after they signed five blank documents from the director of the Benxi Detention Center.

Mr. Li’s entire body was swollen, and his ankles had deep dents. His nasal and mouth had a lot of blood clots. His right elbow had a green bump. Many purple dots covered his chest. He was emaciated and could barely move.

His family asked for his diagnosis and medical records, but the hospital staff refused to provide any. Instead, they kept urging Mr. Li and his family to leave even though Mr. Li was vomiting blood, having difficulty breathing, and curling up in the hospital bed in agony.

His family found out that he had symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea and high fever as early as August 25. Police gave him several unknown pills. They only took him to the prison hospital after he started vomiting blood.

A lumbar puncture was performed on Mr. Li at the Jinshan Hospital without notifying his family or lawyer.

Photo of Mr. Li Chunzheng’s corpse

A lumbar puncture is a procedure used to diagnose serious infections, such as meningitis; disorders of the central nervous system, or cancers of the brain or spinal cord. During lumbar puncture, a needle is inserted between two vertebrae to remove a sample of cerebrospinal fluid.

Hospitals in China are ranked based on qualifications of the facility and medical staff. They are only qualified to perform certain medical procedures depending on their ranks. Jinshan Hospital does not qualify for performing lumbar punctures.

Background Information

Mr. Li was arrested by plainclothes officers from Beidi Police Station on April 25, 2013. Police confiscated a notebook computer, desktop computer, cellphone, watch, 9,500 yuan and some Falun Gong books and materials.

He was detained at the Benxi Detention Center. During his detention, Mr. Li and others were forced to make silk flowers nine to ten hours per day. The glue used for the production contains toxic materials that often cause nausea, red eyes, and numbness or pain in the body.

Summary of Key Persecution Facts:

Name: Li Chunzheng (李纯正)

Gender: MaleAge: 47

Address: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown

Date of Death: August 31, 2014

Date of Most Recent Arrest: April 25, 2013

Most Recent Place of Detention: Benxi Detention Center (本溪市看守所)

City: Benxi

Province: Liaoning

Persecution Suffered: forced labor, detention






在游行开始前,法轮功的游行队伍在劳勿县议会(Raub District Council)前的大草场集合时,已开始引起各族民众的关注。五十九岁的当地印裔居民Sumaran在游行队伍音乐响起整装出发时,他向法轮功学员比了一个赞的手势,并对法轮功游行队伍的表现感到光荣。他也称赞游行队伍的服装很漂亮,同时表示非常开心能看到这样的游行。 一家卖布料等用品的店铺老板刘先生看了游行后表示很开心,仿佛好像看到整个仙女下凡似的,还将刚刚拍下来的照片上载到脸书(facebook)上与朋友分享。他说:“哦!我没有看过,这么美的仙女下来第一次看到,从来没看过!”



看过游行后,当地居民黄女士开心的表示:“我们这边从来都没有举办过这样的(游行),所以觉得这个中秋特别一点,会有这样的游行。”对于法轮功学员这次举办的游行,她认为游行队伍的每个方阵都很特别,每个都表演的很好。此外,黄女士对于法轮功并不陌生,她表示因为她时常去旅行,时常都会看到法轮功,也是时常有拿到法轮功的资料。 在起点接受采访的马来民众Saiful Ahmad 是一名生意人,第一次听闻法轮功的他表示很感兴趣,也很支持法轮功的游行。当他得知中共活摘法轮功学员器官时,感到不可思议,太难以置信了。他表示会告诉自己的朋友来支持法轮功,也对法轮功学员的精神感到佩服。


Saiful Ahmad对法轮功学员的精神感到佩服。





原本在茶餐室忙着招待客人的贝女士暂时放下手上的工作,与客人们一起观赏经过的游行队伍。她开心连连的表示心中的喜悦:“很开心,看到这个。很特别,因为没有见过。今年第一次,真的很开心看到!”众多观看游行的茶餐室客人之一的陈先生表示:“很好的文化,很好,(游行队伍很)团结。” 正在观看游行的当地民众胡顺妹与李秀芬以粤语齐声说:“开心!我们在这里是第一次见到。”她们同时留意到在队伍中,有很多参与游行的都是年老的长辈们,感到十分佩服,并连连赞叹道:“冇得顶,一流!这么多的十年来,就这一次。真是冇得顶!”(注:粤语冇得顶的意思是好极了,一流,没法比。) 在这次的游行,还有民众追随队伍到终点,包括一名已有七十三岁高龄的黄老先生。他向记者表示,黄老先生说:“这个是中国文化,我们很少能够见得到,尤其是我们文冬小镇,更加没有机会见得到,所以增加我们的见识。”





法轮功庆中秋游行队伍的到来,让当地纯朴善良的民众喜出望外,受到广泛村民的欢迎和盛赞,大家都十分珍惜这个难得一见的游行。 徐先生是一所幼儿园巴士司机,他十分支持这次的游行。他说:“如果每一年有这样有(欢庆)中秋佳节我们更高兴,代表我们华人的文化。”他表示,中秋游行有我们的华人文化在里面,可以给小孩子们知道,如仙女就让我们联想到中秋节的故事,龙是代表我们。徐先生最后表示:“很高兴看到这些表演,是第一次,我们要多谢他们,多谢!” 马先生刚刚从文冬回到加叻的家里,就让他遇上游行队伍,让他感到很高兴,他说:“心情很高兴看到,很热闹,有这个中秋节的热闹气氛……”马先生也表示这个游行办得很成功,是个很好的文化,也为加叻这个地方带来热闹气氛。




今年已有八十八岁高龄的胡老太太一直笑眯眯的说:“我只是这一次看到,没有看过,很开心,我看到了很开心。” 胡老太太赞扬队伍都很漂亮,法轮功学员们都很有心来到这边游行,又出力。她表示人生无常,对于自己活到今天还能够遇上和机会看到这次的游行,感到无比开心和感动。她兴奋的重复说出自己当下开心的心情:“真真感动看到,很开心啊!真真是很开心!”




From – http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2014/9/12/297649.html


Painting: Receiving the Truth Materials at the Market 绘画:赶集喜得真相归


Telling the truth about Falun Gong at the Market.


Leader of Chinese Business Delegation Accused of Torture

Business forum in Czech ignites debate over human rights and trade with China

By , Epoch Times | August 31, 2014


A staff member of the Chinese Embassy who attacked Falun Gong practitioners protesting outside the China Investment Forum has been handcuffed by Prague police, on Aug. 28, outside Prague Castle. (Sun Hao/Epoch Times)

PRAGUE—The arrival of the Chinese delegation for a major economic forum involving China and the leaders of Central and East European nations was marked by the arrest of a Chinese Embassy staff member for violence against protesters. No sooner had the Chinese delegation settled in, than a national debate broke out as to whether the Czech government should deal with individuals such as the Chinese delegation’s leader.

On Aug. 28 Zhang Gaoli, the first vice premier of the People’s Republic of China and one of the 7 members of the elite Politburo Standing Committee, led a 500-person delegation of Chinese officials and businessmen to Prague for the China Investment Forum. The two-day meeting was called to further the mutual deepening of business and political relationships between the PRC and the Central and East Europe nations in attendance. Massive investment projects were to be discussed.

Zhang was greeted by human rights activists who wanted to expose his record persecuting the spiritual practice of Falun Gong in China.

While high-level Chinese officials involved in persecuting Falun Gong have often been sued when they travel outside of China, the Czech Falun Gong Association decided before Zhang’s visit not to take to the courts. Instead, they devoted their energies to publicity.

“We eventually decided not to go ahead with charges because we thought it would not bring a sufficient effect,” said Milan Kajinek from the Association. “We intend, however, to spread widely the documents exposing his activities.”

A notice announcing an investigation of Zhang Gaoli published on Aug. 25 by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong gives a brief summary of Zhang’s alleged crimes: “Zhang Gaoli carried out the persecution in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, Shandong Province, and Tianjin, causing tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners in these areas to be illegally kidnapped, detained, and sentenced. Massive number [sic] of Falun Gong practitioners are tortured, resulting in injury, disability and death. Zhang is suspected of committing the Crime of Genocide, the Crime of Torture and Crimes against Humanity.”

The Czechs still have vivid memories of suffering under the totalitarian rule of the Communist Party, and the accusations against this Chinese Communist Party official found a receptive audience. Several major Czech media outlets picked up the information spread by the Falun Gong Association and reported on Zhang’s alleged crimes.

The association also sent emails to the participants in the Investment Forum, and the news quickly spread among them.

One of the businessmen wrote to the Falun Gong Association, “Thank you for the report. I left the event half an hour after it started after reading online what sort of riff-raff were attending.”

Another businessman present at the forum told the demonstrators outside the venue that the information about Zhang Gaoli completely changed the perception of those inside the meeting of this top official.

Roman Joch, the former adviser to the prime minister and the director of the Civic Institute, said in an email to the Epoch Times: “The vice-premier Zhang Gaoli is … the man who has blood on his hands, blood of hundreds if not thousands of innocent ones who committed no crime but peacefully professed their belief.”

“He has the expression of a grey bureaucrat-official who was ‘just carrying out orders’—just as Eichman did 70 years ago,” wrote Joch in his email.

Demonstrators Attacked

On Aug. 28, the first day of the conference, individuals protesting the Chinese regime’s human rights record and a group of Chinese who had come to welcome the Chinese delegation, gathered outside the Prague Castle where the conference was to be held. Protesters held a number of banners, and the welcoming group was outfitted with over-sized PRC flags.

The welcoming group surrounded and pushed the Falun Gong protesters, according to Minghui.org, a website run by Falun Gong practitioners outside of China.

Prague police requested the group welcoming the officials stay on one side of the road, leaving space for Falun Gong practitioners on the other side, but a Chinese Embassy official who was wearing his official identification around his neck strongly resisted the police orders.

In order to avoid any conflict with the group from the embassy, the Falun Gong practitioners moved a block away.

As the Chinese delegation’s motorcade approached, the Chinese Embassy official and two of the welcoming group rushed into the Falun Gong protesters, snatched their banners, and violently assaulted them, ignoring the warnings from police officers. A photo from Minghui shows a Falun Gong banner torn into two pieces due to the attack.

Human Rights and Business

“We don’t want to block business with China,” Veronika Sunova, head of the Czech Falun Gong Association, told local media. “We want to highlight, however, that investment in China can benefit the Chinese Communist Party. It is important to know that this money could be then used to persecute Falun Gong.”

Czech President Milos Zeman and the Premier Bohuslav Sobotka indicated earlier this year, that they want to strengthen business ties with China and thus will not mention human rights issues any more in their talks with their Chinese counterparts. This stance has been met with protests by ordinary people as well as by politicians from the opposition parties.

The former head of the Environment Ministry, Martin Bursik came on the morning of the Aug. 28 carrying a Tibetan flag to show support for the protesters.

“I feel an urgent need to express my displeasure with the form of the China Investment Forum. To say this is the climax of the relationship between Czech Republic and China is in my view scandalous,” said Bursik, pointing to the words of the Czech premier.

Several popular Czech artists have recently announced they will stage a concert on Oct. 6 called “Conscience Cannot Be Bought” in support of Falun Gong and the human rights advocate Gao Zhisheng.

One of the artists is the singer Marta Kubisova, a longtime friend of the late President Vaclav Havel and former spokeswoman of Charter 77, the Czech movement that opposed communist rule.

From: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/926389-leader-of-chinese-business-delegation-accused-of-torture

欢迎您到悉尼来 可贵的中国人











澳洲法轮功学员约翰•戴勒(John Deller)手举他制作的真相展板






当时修炼法轮大法才两年半的澳洲西人法轮功学员约翰•戴勒(John Deller)先生申请去中国的签证因已被中共列入“黑名单” 而多次被拒签,无法同行去天安门广场呼吁。




他清楚地记得:其中有一个家庭驻足在我面前,父亲、母亲和儿子都不断在阅读展板。然后这个儿子用英文问我:“为什么你要这样做呢?”我解释说:共产党酷刑折磨和杀害法轮功学员,只因为他们按照中国传统文化的方式修炼,想做好人。中共还阻止中国人去了解他们自己古老的优秀传统文化。正因为中共的耻辱,我才希望你们来悉尼旅游的中国人有机会了解真相,这也是那么多关心你们的法轮功学员的心愿。儿子和父亲听完我的解释,他们都点头认同,还特意伸过手来与我握手。最后那个儿子对我说:“谢谢你,为此(你讲出的那些已经发生的迫害事情),我感到很难过。”(“Thank you,I am sorry for that.”)



















A Cancer Patient Recovers

August 30, 2014 | By Li Ren, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Heilongjiang Province, China

(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in October 1998. Before that I had to take medication all the time, but I returned to good health soon after I began practicing. Falun Dafa has dramatically improved the fate of my family.

My wife was diagnosed with glioma [a type of tumor that starts in the brain or spine] in March 2005. She worked in a hospital. Her hospital director contacted Tiantan Hospital in Beijing, the best-known hospital specializing in curing brain tumors in China and one of the best in Asia. Further exams were done in Tiantan Hospital and it was confirmed that she had glioma. The doctor asked if we would agree to an operation, knowing that brain surgeries can be life threatening.

A Difficult Decision

We were told that we had two options. The first option was several surgeries, but they would be difficult because the tumor was connected to many nerves. The second option was a conservative treatment for three months to see if the tumor grew. If it didn’t, they would continue the conservative treatment. But if it grew, she would need an operation. They asked us to make a decision. If we opted for the immediate surgery and it would be scheduled for the following Wednesday.

Another patient who had the same problem and symptoms as my wife opted for the surgery. She was in critical condition after the operation, which naturally frightened and upset my wife.

Third Option

I told my wife that Falun Dafa could cure her illness, but she didn’t believe me, even though I had returned to good health after becoming a practitioner. I used to be in very poor health and was on medication until I was 35 years old. Whenever there was an epidemic, I came down with it and had to take medication and injections. I didn’t get any better until I started to practice Falun Dafa.

I had asked my wife to practice Falun Dafa many times, but she refused, citing a number of reasons. She asked if it was too late to start now, and I told her that it was not too late if she genuinely wanted to practice.

At that time she was half paralyzed and was not able to look after herself, and she chose the second option–conservative treatment for three months.

After she was discharged from the hospital, she started to study the Fa and practice the exercises. Her movements were not accurate and she was not able to sit for long, but I encouraged her. Gradually some of her symptoms disappeared. She could look after herself and then was able to work and do household chores. Our family returned to normal.

Remarkable Recovery

Three months later we went back to Tiantan Hospital for a followup examination. The director and doctors were surprised when they saw the scan. The tumor was half its former size. The director said that this was only the second time he had ever seen a tumor like that shrink since he had been practicing medicine. And the only other one had shrunk by only a little bit. It was a miracle that my wife’s tumor was reduced by half within three months.

The director asked the doctors to measure the tumor again and again to make sure it was correct. The results were the same. They stored the scan in the computer and told my wife to come back for another exam in three months. They wanted to study her. They asked us again and again what treatment my wife had had. Out of fear we didn’t tell them that she had begun practicing Falun Dafa. We should have behaved differently, of course, and told the doctors why we believed the tumor had shrunk so much. We regretted this decision long after.

We left the office and they followed us out into the corridor and asked us again to come back in three months.

Living by the Falun Dafa Principles

My wife has been practicing Falun Dafa since 2005. She is busy with work, household chores, as well as clarifying the truth.

In China, corruption is present in every industry, but especially in the medical field. But my wife lives strictly according to the requirements of Falun Dafa. She considers others first and has been a good person. She doesn’t accept bribes or gifts. She used the unlawful commissions she had been given before stepping into the practice to pay patients’ medical expenses if they were too poor to pay. She even paid for the medical equipment her colleagues took and didn’t pay for. She has changed completely.

Changing One’s Fate

Falun Dafa not only improved our ethical standards, but also changed the fate of our family. Now we live happily. My son entered university in 2007 and became a postgraduate in 2011. We bought a new apartment in 2009 and bought another one for our son in 2013.

Falun Dafa has brought us good fortune. I often said to my friends and relatives that our family would have ended up very differently if my wife had passed away in 2005. We are beneficiaries of the bountiful goodness of Falun Dafa, and are delighted to be able to tell you that Falun Dafa is truly wonderful!


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