Watch: Candlelight Across The Street 【傳奇時代】街對面的燭光

Just off Oxford Street in London, there is a quiet road – Portland Place. There are lots of embassies here, also the BBC headquarters, and the Royal Institute of British Architects. In 1875, The Qing Dynasty Empress, Dowager Cixi bought an office building here. From then on, this place has been China’s embassy.

On June 5th, 2002, a group of people appeared across the street. Since then, day and night, they have been staying there. Why are they there day and night? What kind of effect do their actions have? Behind their quiet demeanor, what kind of people are they?



Watch Candlelight Across The Street 【傳奇時代】街對面的燭光


Watch Candlelight Across the Street (English Dubbed Version)


(The following letter was written by Ben Chen, a principle dancer of Shen Yun Performing Arts. His mom has been the coordinator of this 24/7 vigil of Falun Gong practitioners sine June 5, 2002. He wrote this letter to his grandpa why his parents were always so busy.) 


The letter is from this documentary: Candlelight Across the Street:


I always believe that hardship can temper one’s character, enrich his experiences, and improve his morality. This is similar to the principles of cultivation. Of course we are not seeking suffering. But amidst life’s difficulties when other people mistreat me, even while being persecuted, I cannot give up. I have to walk my path with determination.


Thinking back, if I had not grown up this way, I may have become spoiled and lazy, unable to accomplish anything. Had I been too comfortable, I may have gradually abandoned my beliefs, and become lost in material indulgence. While I did not have time to play video games, I might have spent my time on composing music. Without pursuing a luxury lifestyle, I had time to read and enrich myself.


I gradually started to understand why my parents were so busy. My parents were busy, because the persecution has been going on, and it still continues. Many people don’t know that. Human life is so precious. That’s my mom and dad may work day and night.


You said effort ought to be rewarded. This is certainly true. So many years have passed. No matter it was with our family’s situation, or with the way my parents raised me, we may not see the reward at the time. Instead, they will be shown many years later. Dad and mom’s efforts were not in vain.


Confucius taught justice and destiny. We should do righteous things without considering if we can succeed or not. We do what we can wholeheartedly, and try to be worthy of our consciences. Regardless of the outcome, we have all succeeded, because in terms of morality and conscience, we will always be in an invincible position.