2 moms find terrifying ‘help’ notes in online purchases. One writer died mysteriously months ago

A mother from Detroit found a chilling “help” note tucked in the new underpants she bought online for her daughter. She was terrified and tried to contact the author by calling the number written on the note.

Nicole Perez was appalled when she saw a note accompanying her child’s underpants she had bought online for her little girl.

“I was terrified,” Perez told WXYZ back in 2015. “I just felt like everything just dropped to my stomach.”

 The note was tucked in The Tinkerbell underwear, which was made in the Philippines and manufactured by Handcraft Manufacturing Corporation in New York.

On the front of the note, written on a piece of cardboard, it read, “Help me: Plz.” On the back read a woman’s name, “MayAnn,” a phone number, and her country.

The Detroit mom was worried about the safety of the woman who wrote the note.

“You’re wondering if this is forced labor, if they’re just working long hours, they’re putting these underwear together and clearly someone is reaching out for help and so you think about your own kids and you hope that this isn’t the case,” Perez said.

Perez tried to call the phone number but no one answered.

“This can happen to anything that you buy,” she said. “You never know, but you are a little bit more aware of where things are coming from.”

In another case dating back to 2012, an Oregon mom, Julie Keith, also found a chilling “help” note in a Halloween toy kit she purchased from Kmart for her children. But this note had more than just a name, number, and location.

©Facebook | Julie Keith
©Facebook | Julie Keith

This desperate cry for help came from China’s most notorious forced-labor camp, Masanjia.

Upon seeing the handwritten letter, Keith, quickly took action. The chilling letter made international headlines at the time. The author, Sun Yi, had been illegally detained for two years, and was subject to horrific torture in the forced-labor camp, as guards attempted to force him to give up his faith in Falun Dafa, a meditation practice emphasizing “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance,” which is persecuted in China today.

The persecution of Falun Gong. (Image: Minghui.org)

A Chinese-speaking journalist, Du Bin, found Sun and published a book on Sun’s story in the hellish labor camp. The publication caused Du to be illegally detained by the Chinese Communist regime for 37 days and held under house arrest for a year.

©Epoch Times | Poon Zaishu

Sun, a Chinese engineer, escaped China and arrived in Indonesia earlier this year, reported the Epoch Times. The Oregon mom got a chance to visit him.

©Facebook | Julie Keith

After Sun’s story was published, he wrote his will, considering a high potential for retaliation from the Chinese regime. Sadly, his health took an unusual toll, and he later died of unexpected kidney failure in hospital in October, as reported by NTDTV. His body was soon cremated without his family’s consent, which raised suspicions that Sun was killed in Indonesia by being injected with poison due to pressure from the Chinese Communist regime.

Source: http://www.ntd.tv/inspiring/life/moms-find-terrifying-help-notes-tucked-purchases-one-authors-suspected-killed.html


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