5 Reasons Why Buying ‘Made in China’ Is Actually Bad for You


By buying artificially cheap imports we are closing down factories, increasing unemployment, and owing trillions of dollars to a dictatorial Chinese regime. It’s really hard not to buy Made in China, and so many products don’t even list where they are made, but I’m sure that after reading this, you will be asking questions and choosing wisely where you spend your money.

5. Made in China Rip-Offs

The Chinese Regime hires cyber hackers to steal intellectual property from major global brands, and with that information makes low quality rip-offs. It also offers illegal export subsidies to foreign companies, to lure them to set up production in China. All this is bad for you, because it kills the local economy, and takes jobs away from you, your friends, and family.

4. Made in China Food Scandals

The Chinese Regime seems to give little attention to health and safety. Every year the Chinese population suffers food poisoning from fake and toxic food products — like baby milk, exploding watermelons, toxic Tilapia fish, or apple juice laced with poisonous arsenic. But did you know that 50% of imported products in the US come from China? China’s rivers, land and air are one of the most polluted in the world. So would you risk your health by drinking apple juice made in China? Read the labels and buy local non-GMO produce instead.

3. Slave Labor

Have you ever wondered why Made in China products are so cheap? As we all know, the majority of the population in China works long hours, often 7 days a week, and for little money. But you may not know that slave labor is big business in China. Millions of prisoners are forced to work for no pay, in dismal conditions, and often for as long as 20 hours a day. Could you sleep well at night after knowing that your Made in China product is actually costing someone else’s suffering?

2. Propaganda

The money made from slave labor and state-run factories is pumping the Chinese Regime’s propaganda machine. There is no independent media in China, and freedom of expression is not allowed. Once in China, tourists not only discover The Great Wall of China, but also the biggest “Internet Firewall” in the world. Basically, the Chinese regime decides which internet pages are allowed to be seen within China, and all your social media and internet activities are watched by cyber spies.

1. Made in China Human Organ Harvesting

There is a covert genocide going on right now in China. According to investigative reports, thousands of prisoners of conscience, especially Falun Gong meditators, are being killed for their organs. It sounds like a horror movie but it is happening right now in hundreds of hospitals in China. When a prisoner is a good match for a patient, that prisoner is taken to a hospital and operated on whilst still alive, as the Chinese doctors believe the transplant will have a higher success rate. It is truly gruesome.

Read this article from David Kilgour, co-author of Bloody Harvest: A History of Organ Pillaging

So when you buy Made in China products you are supporting a dictatorship that kills its own people. Is it really worth the few dollars you save?

 How you can Help FREE CHINA

You can help to free China by watching this short introduction film below, and share it with your friends. On the 23rd of January, World Freedom Day in Taiwan, the award-winning documentary “Free China” will be broadcast for free into China, overcoming state censorship, and breaking down the Great Internet Firewall. Their goal is to have at least 1 million Chinese watch the documentary.

As I understand it, helping to free China means safeguarding freedom for us all.

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