Little Gangster – A True Story in China (With English Subtitles)

(With English Subtitles)



I was born in a wealthy family. My parents and elders had high hopes for me, they chose the best school for me, hoping that with their arrangements, my future will be bright.

But, as I grew older, I was influenced by all kind of bad temptations in school. And since I was rich, and had everything, gradually, I became a problem kid in school. My expression was always cold and my gang members called me ‘little gangster’.

If I wished to bully someone, I would give a cool expression, and my gang sisters would do it immediately.

My mother suffered from heart disease and high blood pressure because of my fighting and assault, as well as my smoking, drinking, vulgarity habits.

My father wanted to send me to the juvenile reform center a few times, but always drove halfway, and turned back home because he was afraid of losing his reputation. At that time, I was cold and numb, and never tried to understand how my parents felt.

I developed a huge gap with my parents, we ended up quarrelling and cursing everytime we spent that little time together. Peaceful, harmony and perfect family were never the words used to describe us.

When I was in High school, ‘Ah!’ ….

My father beat me till my body turned bruises when he saw I dyed my black long hair into white colour. My mother didn’t even comfort me. I hate them so much. That day, I left home. I wandered around all day, and didn’t go to school. I left my parents completely.

I fell for a marriage man, and their families smashed my parents’ medical devices shops twice since they knew about our relationship. Nearly in tears, my mother said, ‘What did we do in our past lives to deserve this? I raised you up with the best, but you gave us pain and unhappiness.’

Until…I met her…

‘Big sister, can you help me slot the leaflets inside, I can’t reach,’ the little girl said.

‘Big sister, thank you! You are so nice.”

For no reason, I felt like crying after hearing that.

 ‘Big sister, please wait a while. I am giving you this Shen Yun Show VCD, this is very nice.’

The little girl was so sincere, and I accepted the gift with a light smile on my face for the first time.

At my friend’s house, I finished watching Shen Yun Show VCD with tears. I didn’t know why tears kept rolling down, and my loneliness, my pain, my wandering life seemed to be washed away after watching Shen Yun Show.

My loneliness, my numbness and cold heart seemed to be dissolving by this Shen Yun Show. Tears kept rolling down, and for the first time in my life, I had the real feeling as a human. I was no longer so numb, and felt I was alive again. I wished to go home, and I wished to end my roaming life.

Next morning, I went back to where the little girl had slotted the leaflets. Carefully, I finished reading the
leaflets, and felt a bliss and happiness in my heart. I felt like crying. At that time, I cried a lot, but I couldn’t tell anyone my pain inside. I started reflecting on my life, but still, I had no courage to go home.

‘Big sister!’

Maybe because of the guilt, again, I met that little girl who had brought miracle into my life.

‘Can you give Minghui Weekly to me everytime, and what is Falun Gong?’ I asked.

‘Falun Dafa is a cultivation practice which teaches people to be good and has miracle health benefits. Master told us to be Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, to be a good person that benefits the society. Now, Falun Dafa is embraced in nearly 114 countries, and received many awards. But such a good practise is being slandered by China Communist Government. Saying it is supertitious and doesn’t allow people to practice. With all the lies, a lot of people misunderstand Falun Gong. All practitioners hope everyone will understand the truth and the goodness of Falun Dafa.’

‘Oh.. How can you speak so well? I am convinced by your speech,’ I said

The little girl laughed happily, and I smiled too curiously. In front of this little girl, all my pretense seemed unnecessarily. In front of this innocent girl, I revealed the real me. I could smile, express myself in front of this litte girl. With her, I found the real me.

‘Big sister, try learning Falun Dafa.’

‘Would Falun Gong accept a white-haired me, and you don’t know how bad I was last time…’ I replied.

The little girl taught me Falun Dafa exercises and read Zhuan Falun together with me, everytime she finished school. That time was the most precious moment in my life. I had never felt such happiness in my life. Especially, I felt so touched and grateful, whenever I wished to call out ‘Master’ in my heart.

My smoking and drinking bad habits were completely gone at that time, I dyed my hair back to black, and had a femine haircut. I broke ties with my gang friends, and my memories about my past became faint, and had completely changed into another person. But still, I didn’t have to courage to go home. I didn’t know how to face my parents.

‘Mom, please forgive me and the pain I have brought you. I have started cultivating Falun Dafa. Master wants us to be a good person. I won’t smoke, drink and fight. And I won’t make you sad again. Please believe me.’

Once again, I kneeled down.

‘Dad, you took a painstaking effort to take care of me. Last time, I was ignorant, and always made you and mom sad. Now I have started cultivating, Master told us to be – Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. I will be a good person that benefits the society slowly. I will never make you sad again.’

We hugged and cried. The huge family’s unhappiness was dissolved after I started cultivating Falun Dafa.

Looking at my parents while they were asleep. I was thinking what I had done for them these few years. I didn’t wish to remember those painful memories.

In Falun Dafa cultivation, I had seen a new me. Quietly, I stood by my parents’ bedsides, and for the first time in my life, I did something proud as a daughter. I covered the blanket for my parents.

The next morning, I cooked a sweet fragrance porridge for my parents, and made a small dish. My parents were shocked and happy. They cried again. Because of my return, my parents’ expressions and looks had changed. Falun Dafa changes me, and my family.

The once peaceful, perfect and harmonious family returned after I practised Falun Dafa.

Thank you, Master. Thank you, Falun Dafa! Falun Dafa is Good!